Game 7 tonight. (against San Mig Coffee)

Go Ginebra! Let’s claim this. This is ours.

After six long years, WE WANT A CHAMPIONSHIP!

Go Ginebra

Laban Ginebra

Never Say Die

Game 2

 later at 5:15pm. | ROS

Welcome to Brgy. Ginebra San Miguel Kings

1st (1st round) Greg Slaughter

4th (1st round) James Forrester

4th (4th round) John Usita

4th (5th round) Alvin Padilla

4th (6th round) Jens Knuttel

LA Tenorio did not win the Most Valuable Player award.

But we all know that he deserves it, he deserves it more than anyone it’s just that this isn’t the right time. God bless us.

But he’s one of the mythical first team.

kakigaroutti asked: D n yta updated to

Nov 17 is the day. Nov 3 we’ll know who’ll be the MVP is.